Fariza is the name.
a 26+ year old snail mailer from Singapore. INFJ. struggling artist. tea addict. horror movie connoisseur. enjoys gothic rock + post-punk + new wave + industrial + metal. I wear black all the time and I love spooky things.

Australia/Montenegro: Naomi
Austria: Doris
Canada: Ellie
Finland: Kirsi, Pia Andrea
France: Marjorie
Germany: Corina, Jennifer, Verena, Barbara, Hannah, Lioba
Greece: Anastasia
Italy/Slovenia: Martina
Netherlands: Tessa
Norway: Mariell
Poland: Marta
Spain: Claudia
Sweden: Pernilla
Sweden/Japan: Jennifer
Switzerland: Fiona
Turkey: Selcen
UK: Zoe, Paul, Louise
  • courtneyspeedy asked : Would you be interested in doing a postcard swap?:)

    Sure! What kind do you like? PM me your address so I can send you one. :)

  • kisseskimm asked : hi! are you still looking for a penpal? i've noticed you haven't got one in Belgium yet... so here i am. :D my name is kim from belgium. i'm 27 years old. new to the stationery world but i'm going for it 100% . i love disney, drawing, chocolate and i'm curently obsessed with 'wreck my journal' maybe you've heard from it. if you have an instagram you can always check me out there ( username: kisseskim ) cuz i don't post much on here anymore. well, ask me if you want to know something <3 x

    Hello Kim!
    Sorry for taking a long time, I just saw your message. Indeed, I don’t have a penpal from Belgium just yet so yes you are welcome to be the first! :D Would you like to write the first letter though? If so, I will give you my address then. And yes, I have Instagram (username: _thecountess_ )
    I will follow you on IG for good measure!

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  • Last mail for the week from my new penpal Marjorie in France. I have a few French friends here but I’ve never had a French pal nor have I ever received any letters from France so I was pretty excited when she asked me to be pals with her! 😃

    In case, all of you dear followers didn’t notice…. I’ve just changed the layout of this blog! FINALLY. heheh! 

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  • Happy mail this week!
    (from left to right): I received a letter from Marta in Poland, Zoe
    in the UK, Claudia in Spain and new pals Martina in Slovenia and Louise also in the UK. Thank you ladies! I will write back as soon as I can 💜😊 

    Alright, time to continue writing my letter to Paul in the UK. A pretty lengthy one too. Have a great letter-writing day, my dear followers! 

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  • unchainedwriter asked : Hello! I was just so happy to find your tumblr, because I had never came across one about penpalling! :D I've seen some of the letters and they're beautiful ^^ How has your experience with penpaling been? I decided to go back to penpalling and January and I couldn't be happier about it! My name is Filipa, I'm Portugal, and I just wanted to leave this message due to my excitment of finding your blog! Happy letter writing :D

    Hello, Filipa!

    Thank you for your nice message and the compliments you’ve given regarding my letters and blog! It’s always nice to hear from my followers. :D
    My experience with penpalling has been great.. Of course there has been some down sides to it too when a pal decided to stop writing to me because they’re busy (aren’t we all?) or worse, for no reasons at all. One day I just stopped hearing from them again. But I also think that happens even in our daily life outside of penpalling. I prefer to focus on the positive side of penpalling: Getting to know someone new, learning about new cultures, countries and languages. I love surprising my pals with gifts every now and then, and they do the same to me too so that’s also another positive, I’d say. 
    I hope you have found some exciting new pals! Thank you for following my blog! :D

    Lots of love,

  • Today’s outgoing mail!
    Anastasia in Greece, Kirsi in Finland and Pernilla in Sweden - Do lookout for your letters, they’re heading your way!

    I’m still looking for a few more new pals. So if you’re between the ages of 24-40 and would like to write to me, please PM me with your intro. You can find out info about me on my blog itself.

    [UPDATE (13/09/14)]: I had since found a few new pals and am no longer looking for anymore. Sorry!

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  • Last mail for the week. A letter from Selcen in Turkey! Thank you for the lovely photos and envelope but the envie is too pretty, I don’t have the heart to use it. I’d probably end up keeping it because it’s from you 

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  • Look what I found in my mailbox today! First letter from my new penpal Pernilla in Sweden. Absolutely loving the envelope and stamps! 
    After I put out an ad to find new pals, I had since gained 7 more…. yes I know, I wanted to get only 1 or 2 more but ended up with 7, haha. This is the first of the 7, so let’s see if the rest will send me that promised first letter too. Until then…. hope everyone is having a good beginning of the week!

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  • ATTN: Looking for one or two more new penpals!
    If you think you are the person I’m looking for, enjoyed my blog and would like to exchange letters with me…. please send me a private message with a short intro of yourself! I will try my best to answer you as soon as possible.

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  • Outgoing for this week:

    A letter for Tessa in The Netherlands and a package for Doris in Austria. Hope you ladies will like them!
    The lady at the post office complimented my handmade envelope (left) today. Made my day! ;-D

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  • Adorable letter from my favourite Finnish girl Kirsi! Absolutely love the letter set used ;-D What a great way to end my fabulous mail week!

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  • It has been a good mail week for me. Today I received a letter from my Aussie pal living in Montenegro, Naomi. I love her letters, always so chatty and it never fails to make me smile, even on a bad day. Love the postcard (it’s my first from Montenegro!) and of course, the teas :D Everyone’s feeding the tea monster it seems :D   #penpal #stamps #airmail

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  • Received a letter from my penpal Paul in the UK yesterday. Only had the chance to read it during my train ride back from work today. He included a sketch of his room and a packet of tea for the tea monster that I am.

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  • Today I posted a letter to Hannah in Germany. I was feeling creative so I decided to make the envelope using a gift wrapping paper. Hope she likes it. :)

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  • a-poisonsweetheart asked : Hello !! My name is Sarai, I´m spanish girl. I´m passionate about art and writing letters. I have seen wonderful pictures of you. I'll tell you a little my tastes: rockabilly, creepy things, zombies, Elvis, Robert Redford, Kurt , 50s, 60s, 80s things, vintage, music, read, travel, animals, horror movies, tv shows (addict!) movies, art, comic, tattoos, magic. I´m a dreamer, romantic and freak girl. I wish I could write letters with you and send things that are special to us. With love ♥

    Hello there!

    I feel so awful that I just saw your message after SO LONG!! :( I receive a number of penpalling requests everyday and sometimes, I’d overlook some of them. I think yours got pushed all the way down. Really sorry about that! Nonetheless, if you’re still interested to write letters with me, PM me back.

    Take care!


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