Fariza is the name.
a 26+ year old snail mailer from Singapore. INFJ. struggling artist. tea addict. horror movie connoisseur. enjoys gothic rock + post-punk + new wave + industrial + metal. I wear black all the time and I love spooky things.

Australia/Montenegro: Naomi
Austria: Doris
Canada: Ellie
Czech Republic: Michaela
Finland: Kirsi, Pia Andrea
France: Marjorie
Germany: Corina, Jennifer, Verena, Barbara, Hannah, Lioba
Greece: Anastasia
Italy/Slovenia: Martina
Netherlands: Tessa
Norway: Mariell
Poland: Marta
Spain: Claudia
Sweden: Pernilla
Sweden/Japan: Jennifer
Switzerland: Fiona
Turkey: Selcen
UK: Zoe, Paul, Louise
  • Outgoing mail: 
    Package to Zoe in England + letters to Doris in Austria, Jennifer F. in Japan, Naomi in Montenegro, Jennifer M. in Germany and Verena also in Germany.
    Off to the post office to get some stamps! :D

    Happy snail mailing, everyone! ♥